What we do

Smartsite is the trading name of a web consultancy based in Adelaide, South Australia.

We specialise in finding web-based solutions to business problems, by customising easily sourced open source software. When that software can’t be customised enough to do what you want, we write our own modules to fill any gaps in functionality. We’ve extensively customised WordPress, OSCommerce, phpBB and Mahara, integrating special features or enhancing requirements to meet a specific purpose.

When modifying a turnkey solution like WordPress doesn’t quite cut it, we can develop bespoke solutions from scratch. We can manage that process from impossibly crazy idea, through to go-live and post-launch bug tracking.

In more recent years the focus has shifted to interactive content, wrapping games, animations, data visualisatons and infographic content in HTML and CSS3, and gluing it together with a multitude of cutting edge Javascript libaries.

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