Front end

jquerylogo2The push toward client-side scripting in recent years has led to an explosion of available tools and significant improvements in performance.  We augment foundation Javascript libraries like jQuery with the latest cross-browser API’s, including:

  • jQueryUI – interface elements, transitions, effects
  • three.js – cross-browser / platform 3d models
  • TweenMax and TweenLite – animation
  • paralax.js – long form / page FX
  • gRaphael and flot – graphs and charting
  • pure.js, tempo.js – lightweight template engines
  • hammer.js, swipe.js – mobile / tablet gestures
  • backbone, angular, knockout frameworks

Our experience in front-end development covers animation, 3d modeling, graphs and charting, image processing, HTML5 Canvas, Google maps & Maps API,  games and interactive content, CRUD and SOA, e-commerce and online store forms and shopping baskets, client / user profile management, SVG, JSON, JSONP,  XML and web sockets. In the rare event there’s nothing quite suitable out of the box, we can write our own.

Back end


When  you can combine server side development with bleeding edge front end libraries and techniques, you can solve problems neither technology can solve alone.  We have well over a decade of experience developing Object Oriented PHP and large, scalable MySQL databases that have powered e-commerce websites,  booking, recruitment, client and customer management systems. Plug-in and module development is also a specialty, with an emphasis on open source platforms like WordPress and OSCommerce.



As the uptake of mobile continues to grow,  so too have the options available for development and frameworks.  We use a combination of cutting-edge front end techniques, Javascript libraries and frameworks to produce responsive, lightweight mobile and tablet websites. We also have expertise in PhoneGap for mobile app development.



We round out our back end capability with a sound knowledge of Linux systems, shell scripting and server administration. All our development is carried out on LAMP stacks, either dedicated or  running on VMWare. We have experience in the use of libraries includingOpenSSL, ImageMajik, GD, as well as installation and configuration of Apache web server, proFTP, GIT, Subversion, and Nodejs. We can also install and configure Google Search Appliances.