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Case study: WorkDirections

Case study: WorkDirections ESC3


Develop an online recruitment and candidate management portal.


The Federal Government puts Employment Services out to tender every three years, and various job agencies submit bids for this work. Under the Job Network In 2004, Clements Recruitment acted as the agent for the recruitment of people to staff these agencies in every state. To streamline this complex process, Clements set up assessment centers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Hobart. The initial applications would be made through the online portal, which candidates could then use to track their progress through the refinement process.

A total of about 320 positions were available nationally, and the portal managed in the order of 4,600 applicants.


The build of the portal was carried out by three web developers with one lead,  and a 0.5 time project manager. In early stages several open source packages were examined, but none of them proved more than 30% fit for purpose. A bespoke solution was proposed, based on  PHP / MySQL, and this was built under a pair / team programmer arrangement. Functional modules were arbitrarily split between developers, coded and tested individually, and finally integrated into the main site.  Continuous / regression testing was employed with local version control.

The system would have a customer facing portal, and an admin facing secure management interface.

Key functions

  • Candidate log in / session management ( secure )
  • Candidate profile edit / manage, document upload system with version control
  • Candidate online testing ( four separate tests for fit and psych profile )
  • Candidate progess / status through recruitment
  • Administrator candidate assessment / grading
  • Administrator mail to specific candidate groups / lists
  • Administrator profile edit / update / delete / create