Case study: Bike SA

Case study: Bike SA



Develop a solution for entering Bike SA events online.


Bike SA is the peak cycling organisation in South Australia, lobbying Government for cyclist safety improvements and promoting all facets of cycling. Their cause is largely funded through several events held throughout the year, some attracting thousands of entries. In 2004 the decision was made to migrate this snail-mail / paper based system to an online one. Participants would be able to fill out personal details and select options relating to the event, including meals, transport, and associated social activities. Payment through BPAY, phone (credit card)  and cheque could be made in the final stage of registration.


Smartsite partnered with TRIM Systems, and together developed the project scope with Bike SA. The build consisted of a client-facing site, which would be incorporated into BikeSA’s website, and a secure administration back end. The solution had to run on BikeSA’s Windows Server, and Trim performed installation and configuration to support some of the site’s features.  They also managed data migration from Excel / MS Access Database to MySQL. Smartsite worked on the PHP / MySQL powered forms, developed the new database schema, and designed / built the administration back end. Several of the online forms included complex client side validation and logic, which was handled by Javascript.

Key functions

  • Event registration, email confirmation
  • Data sanitizing
  • Mailing list ( event related )
  • Event payment
  • Administrator manual payment
  • Administrator mail to specific candidate groups / lists
  • Administrator profile edit / update / delete / create
  • Administrator export of entrant details to MS Excel
  • Event Newsletter create / mail ( PDF to e-mail and print / mail merge )

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